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Case Study: AREC Puts Lithuanian Startups in Spotlight for Better Pitching

Dear ADENA Partners, in this case study we highlight how Sunrise Tech Park in Lithuania is using the AREC Portable Media Set to record and stream events. By using the devices to showcase a variety of business and scientific project webinars and activities, the case demonstrates how easy AREC systems are to use for live production.

Sunrise Tech Park is part of the Sunrise Valley Innovation Ecosystem, a non-profit organisation. It was established to promote entrepreneurship, knowledge and technology exchange, and to attract investment in business ideas. It serves as one of the prime gathering places for scientific organisations and startups in Lithuania, thanks to its key location and partnerships.

Many of the gatherings organised by Sunrise Tech Park take place online or in hybrid form, using videoconferencing software to connect remote speakers. Knowing the significant impact of visual presentation on a successful business pitch, the park started looking for solutions that could enhance the visibility of speakers and give them greater control over how they present their content. Thanks to our partner Tenesys, Sunrise Tech Park chose the AREC Media Capture System for this purpose.

The park uses a Portable Media Set that consists of a KL-3T, a CI-T21H IR Tracking camera with a CI-21H PTZ camera, and a RADA Bridge. The set fits neatly into a secure and easily movable suitcase, making it easy for Sunrise Tech Park to move the set to different locations depending on the ongoing events. The set's mobility is accentuated by the KL-3T — a 3-channel media station that comes with a built-in touchscreen. The station mixes the two network cameras, computer content, custom overlays, and backgrounds together into a mixed video, which is converted by the RADA Bridge into a USB webcam feed. This helps the remote attendees see the event in full. The camera’s PTZ presets can be controlled directly from the station, meaning that the operator doesn’t need a computer or any other device to manage the production.

Antanas Popiera, the Startups Project manager of Sunrise Tech Park commented on the system: "We use equipment for our hybrid workshops in support of various entrepreneurship initiatives on a weekly basis. This equipment allows us to fully include online participants, enhancing their participation and significantly improving the productivity and quality of their contributions."

With the AREC Portable Media Set, going live has become much easier for Sunrise Tech Park. We thank our partner Tenesys and Antanas Popiera for their work and information contribution. Is your organisation also looking to improve hybrid event production? Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your project requirements.



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