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capture & live streaming

From houses of worship to theatres, and from sport arenas to exhibitions, all users share a common interest - to record and share their work with a bigger audience. Generally, this is where professional rental and streaming crews are called upon, but when it is a daily task, renting can become expensive. Moreover, it can be difficult to arrange media activities without professionals, and that is why easy to use, hardware-based systems like AREC are needed. The main benefit of such systems lie in the following areas:

Simplification of the user experience - starting a recording and streaming process with AREC is a matter of one click. Main functions of the systems are accessible right from the station, but can also be accessed via phone, computer, and other means. Tracking is fully automatic and only needs to be turned on to work. Like tracking, stations can be automated and also controlled remotely. All of this makes sure that the user does not need an IT background to complete their task without worry.

Saving of resources - recording and streaming equipment can take a lot of space and be difficult to move around. AREC solves this issue by implementing features of a number of devices, such as AV mixers and encoders, in one compact station. Moreover, stations are also offered in portable sets that have all the necessary components to create a recording or to stream. 

Check some of our featured case studies below:

Other notable projects:


Funeral Ceremony Live Broadcasts


House of Galileo Galilei


Gothenburg Opera


Team Denmark/Aspirant


Comedy Zoo

Comedy Zoo

flag-round-250 (5).png

National Opera


ZVV Hovocubo


Piza Opera


G20 India Conference

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