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Efficiency is key in successful business practice. Time spent on travel, on face to face training, on setting up equipment for social media streams - all of that is time that could be used better. Media capture systems make it so that efficiency is maximised and no time is wasted. Here is how:

Training VOD archiving - through their support of FTP/SFTP uploading, integration with Kaltura, Panopto, Opencast, other platforms, and even AREC’s own MSR platform, Media Capture System can be used to create a database for employees’ training. Videos on all sorts of topics can be created and uploaded for public and private access. This allows HR departments to provide better training outcomes and to involve more attendees at the same time.

Meeting protocoling and livestreaming - streaming of meetings allows companies to reduce unnecessary travel. Meetings can be attended remotely or reviewed at a different time through recordings.

Social media outreach and event promotion - portable and easy to set up, AREC Media Capture system is an ideal choice for recording and streaming of corporate events. Extensive social media platforms support makes the system invaluable for creation and uploading of marketing videos and webinars.

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Other notable projects:



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