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Improved meetings & marketing

Successful business practice is defined by a number of major factors, such as efficiency, innovation, presentation, and adaptability. Time spent on travel, on repeated face-to-face training, on setting up equipment for social media streams – all of that is time that could be used better. Using professional and innovative tools like AREC Media Capture System it is possible to maximise the efficiency and improve your organisation’s presentation in a variety of ways, including:

Bosch Training in Russia

Training VOD archiving - Onboarding processes in companies can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 12 months. During all this time, the newly recruited employees require in-person training sessions, distracting more experienced personnel from their tasks. AREC stations make it possible to significantly speed up and improve the onboarding process through recording training videos. With a VOD library of training videos, new employees are able to quickly access the information they need, reducing the time and resources and organisation has to spend on bringing them up to speed. Furthermore, AREC automates uploading and management of videos through FTP, SFTP, and integrations with VCMS like Kaltura, Opencast, and Panopto.

Branding and content delivery in conferencing - Proper presentation is crucial when it comes to creating a positive impression of a product or a service and how it is perceived by potential customers. AREC Media Capture System enhances your online presentations, meetings, and webinars through the ability to display a variety of custom video layouts, complete with your organisation’s logos and backgrounds. This custom video output can be easily injected into conferencing and other applications, such as Teams, Zoom, Webex, OBS, or vMix, and result in a video presentation that is both more attractive and informative than a standard one.

Meeting protocoling and livestreaming - Protocoling meetings helps organisations maintain accurate records of what transpired during the meetings. Such records serve as reference points for future meetings and ensure that every attendee is on the same page. Livestreaming also helps reduce the travel costs by giving the opportunity to join the meetings remotely, and further helps with connecting geographically dispersed teams. AREC stations make it possible to record and livestream meetings with ease, and inclusion of products like KS-CC1 Closed Captions Station further improve on this by providing captions or translations to other languages in every recording and streaming session.

Social media outreach and event promotion - Nowadays, streaming and social media are very important tools for reaching any company’s audience. Portable and easy to set up, AREC Media Capture System is an ideal choice for recording and streaming of corporate events. We support all common platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Wowza, and others, and can stream to two of such platforms simultaneously, making sure that your company can reach customers through all social media networks where you have presence. Every video produced by AREC devices can be embellished with corporate logos and backgrounds, making your recordings and streams stand out from the crowd.

Making the most of your conference room equipment - Our stations make it easy to connect and use a variety of professional AV equipment, such as interactive displays and boards, wireless content sharing systems, microphone discussion systems, and more. Using AREC stations, presenters are able to seamlessly transition from displaying their professional PTZ cameras and computer slides, to a full view of a product or slides, to content from an interactive board, to any other view through a variety of control options, such as commands from control panels, graphical user interface, free software, and cloud service.

Check some of our featured case studies below:

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