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There are three levels in ADENAcademy:

Level A - control and monitoring of recording/streaming operations.
Level B - configuration and features of AREC/RADA devices.
Level C - special features of AREC/RADA devices.

Below is our suggested order of completion of these lessons - it will guide you from the initial installation of AREC devices (Basics section), to configuration (In-Depth section), to their advanced usage (Only Pros Know section). However, you can complete the lessons in your preferred order (All Lessons section).

Every lesson comes with a set of questions to test your understanding. You can submit answers in English, Spanish, or Russian.

If you successfully complete all ADENAcademy lessons, you will be awarded a certificate.

1. Changing network on AREC Stations and network ports overview

Level B, Lesson 2

4. Selecting and configuring audio sources on AREC Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 3

7. Configuring streaming settings on AREC Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 5

10. Exporting videos

Level A, Lesson 8

2. Introduction to the web interface of AREC Media Stations

Level A, Lesson 1

5. Storing and backing up recorded videos with AREC

Level B, Lesson 7

8. Video output of the Media Stations and loop through

Level A, Lesson 7

3. Adding video sources to AREC

Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 1

6. Configuring recording settings on AREC Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 4

9. Graphical User Interface of AREC Media Stations and how to use it

Level A, Lesson 6

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