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There are three levels in ADENAcademy:

Level A - control and monitoring of recording/streaming operations.
Level B - configuration and features of AREC/RADA devices.
Level C - special features of AREC/RADA devices.

Below is our suggested order of completion of these lessons - it will guide you from the initial installation of AREC devices (Basics section), to configuration (In-Depth section), to their advanced usage (Only Pros Know section). However, you can complete the lessons in your preferred order (All Lessons section).

If you successfully complete all ADENAcademy lessons, you will be awarded a certificate.

1. Changing network on AREC Stations and network ports overview

Level B, Lesson 2

4. Storing and backing up recorded videos with AREC

Level B, Lesson 7

7. Video output of the Media Stations and loop through

Level A, Lesson 7

2. Adding video sources to AREC

Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 1

5. Configuring recording settings on AREC Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 4

8. Graphical User Interface of AREC Media Stations and how to use it

Level A, Lesson 6

3. Selecting and configuring audio sources on AREC Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 3

6. Configuring streaming settings on AREC Media Stations

Level B, Lesson 5

9. Exporting videos

Level A, Lesson 8

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