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lecture capture & e-learning

There are numerous ways to improve education and its effectiveness, and AV technology is one of the most important of them. AREC Media Capture System consists of a variety of products, such as media stations for lecture capture, auto-tracking devices, PTZ cameras, microphones and a variety of accessories that have been developed to build on and improve education in the following areas:​

Material retention and performance - Recordings of lectures help students revise and better understand what they have learned and allow absent students to get the full learning experience remotely. Media stations simplify the creation of education video content repositories through server uploading and video content management system integration. The stations are designed to record and stream in Full HD, ensuring that all video content is easy to see and read.

Material delivery through videoconferencing systems - AREC Media Capture System works with all software and hardware-based VC systems like Teams, Zoom, Webex, and others. When used with such systems, AREC stations help educators present their material clearly through custom layouts, easy switching and ability to connect document cameras, interactive boards and other devices directly as video sources.

E-learning and student reach - Streaming of lectures enables students to attend classes remotely. Streaming also allows universities to offer tuition to remote students, which can help them attract additional applicants and generate more income. AREC stations are able to stream up to two platforms simultaneously in Full HD quality, and thus give educational institutions a wider reach.

Simplification of user workflow - AREC products are designed for users without IT or AV experience. They present a variety of control options, including the intuitive graphical user interface, web-based and mobile device controls, free software and cloud services, as well as support of RS-232 and TCP commands for control panels. Abundance of control options makes it possible for educators to focus on teaching, rather than on the technology behind it. Using the easiest method for them, they are able to quickly change everything about the video presentation in one click.

Automation and scheduling - AREC devices help educators save time through scheduling and automatic backup. Users do not need to waste their precious time on managing and moving the videos, since AREC stations support automatic upload through FTP and SFTP, as well as integrations with VCMS such as Kaltura, Opencast, and Panopto. The stations can also start and stop recording and streaming sessions according to .ics format calendars (Microsoft, Google, and others), and the same integrated VCMS platforms.

Other notable projects:


AI-Farabi Kazakh National University


Osnabrück University


University of Trento


Teacher Education Centre in Bialystok


National University of Distance Education


South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK


University of Bern


Pontifical Xavierian University


University of Copenhagen

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