lecture capture & e-learning

There are numerous ways to improve education and its effectiveness, and technology is one of the most important of them. Lecture capture products, auto-tracking devices, interactive boards, and other AV technology - all these innovative solutions were developed to build on and improve education in the following areas: 

Material retention and performance - recordings of lectures help students revise and better understand what they learned, and helps absent students to get the full learning experience. Server uploading and learning management systems allow universities to create repositories of educational video content.

E-learning and student reach - streaming of lectures enables students to attend studies remotely. Streaming also allows universities to offer tuition to remote students, which helps these universities get additional applicants and income.

Learning experience and appeal - interactive drawing, lecturer tracking and video layout adjustment on the go creates engaging material that students focus more easily on.

Check some of our featured case studies below:


Other notable projects:

PXL College

WSB University Gdansk

South-Eastern Finland University

Wesley College

Czech Agricultural University

Monterrey Institute of Technology

University of Daugavpils

Kazakh University of Transportation

Moscow Additional Professional Education Centre (TeMO-Tsentr) 



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