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telemedicine & outreach

Audiovisual systems serve multiple purposes in healthcare. They are used for recording of medical equipment and operations, for streaming and telemedicine, as well as staff training. AREC has the necessary tools and functions to be applied for every one of these purposes, and excels in the following areas:

Webinars and telemedicine - online guidance and telemedical assistance lets medical organisations and institutions provide a faster response and better spread awareness, which is particularly important for sparsely populated regions. AREC systems were designed for this kind of work, enabling users to connect remote equipment via network protocols and maintain up to two concurrent streams on RTMP platforms.

Compatibility and flexibility - AREC devices can be easily integrated into an already established environment. They support HDMI, VGA, and IP inputs, and can be used with DVI sources through a converter. Apart from that, AREC Media Stations possess functions of other devices, such as switchers and mixers. Combined with their wide array of interfaces, these features make AREC a perfect addition to any medical environment.

Check some of our featured case studies below:

Other notable projects:


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Novo Nordisk


Danish Nurse Association




Lodge Dental


UZ Brussels Hospital


Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital


GE Healthcare


St John Ambulance

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