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protocoling & engaging the public

Courts, city halls, municipalities, ministries, and other governmental institutions are all united by their need for reliable and easy to use recording and streaming solutions. They allow the institutions to maintain a visible profile, engage the public, protocol and keep a record of meetings and processes. AREC Media Capture System is ideally suited for such uses and offers a number of advantages to institutions using it:

Personalised speaker tracking with budget in mind - Public institutions tend to operate within a limited budget, which makes it impractical to hire live crews to follow active speakers and produce livestreams or recordings. AREC Media Capture System allows institutions to track their targets automatically without a crew and requires little to no configuration to start working. AREC tracking systems include AI and IR PTZ cameras that follow speakers as they walk, and also fixed speaker tracking stations that can display custom video layouts with titles and logos for each active speaker. These solutions are flexible and can be used with existing AV setups, making sure that the setup costs are kept to the minimum.

Increased transparency and reach - In today’s digital age, recording and streaming solutions are increasingly necessary for institutions to remain relevant and effective, as more people turn to online sources for information. AREC Media Capture System gives the institutions the tools needed to go online and provide on-demand videos for reach and transparency. AREC stations are able to maintain up to two streams at the same time on popular social media platforms, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo, and others, ensuring that audience can be reached through all social media.

Automated protocoling and transcription - Protocoling is a necessity in courts and other official institutions and ensures that the correct procedures were undertaken. AREC Media Capture System makes it possible for the institutions to record every session and automatically save the videos to internal and external servers, USB drives, and other carriers. Models like KS-CC1 can further help organisations by automating the process of captioning and translating speech and saving on the associated labour costs.

Hardware-ensured quality audio and video processing - Standard computers may struggle to effectively record and stream for extended periods of time, as they are not purpose-built for these tasks. This can lead to issues such as stuttering and other visual effects that negatively impact the overall video quality. In contrast, the AREC Media Capture System was designed specifically for recording and streaming tasks, allowing it to work seamlessly for long durations while maintaining high- quality audio and video processing.

Simplified controls that save time - Typical AV products and recording/streaming software requires users to study first in order to achieve their goals. AREC products are designed for people without IT or AV knowledge, and can thus be used immediately from the box thanks to the intuitive control options. Users can rely on their mobile devices and tablets to access all of the quick features, or on the GUI that every media station produces, or on free software and USB numeric keypads to start recording and streaming their videos. Furthermore, all recording, streaming and backup operations can be automated, completely removing the need for public officials to interact with the products.

Other notable projects:


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Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Digital Development


Ministry of Commerce and International Affairs


Preilu County Council/Municipality


City Hall of Nuuk


Almaty City Hall


Tryggingastofnun/Social Security Administration

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