protocol & transparency

Courts, city halls, municipalities, ministries, and other official institutions are all united by their need for reliable, automatic, and easy to use media solutions. Protocoling, streaming of meetings and processes, and other tasks can be fully carried out by AREC systems. Our systems provide high quality recording, streaming, and auto tracking services that improve operations in the following areas:

Czech E-Governance Event

Organisational work transparency - digital access provided by publishing of recordings and streaming allows a higher number of spectators than physical. AREC makes it simple for institutions to provide such access, helping them achieve their objectives faster and reach a wider audience. Systems are also effective at protocoling, providing organisations with ample media material to work with.

Active speaker tracking - auto tracking systems by AREC remove the need for an onsite crew. They maintain professional quality tracking at low cost, adjust image on the go, and are extremely easy to set up and use, requiring little to no configuration. Tracking systems make sure that speakers are always in focus, raising overall quality and production level of every recording or streaming done.

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