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ADENA Hack: How to combine AREC solutions for the best conference room setups?

In our June ADENA Hack we focused on combining the DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station with CI-T21H/CI-T10 tracking cameras and regular CI-21H/22H PTZ cameras for capturing and tracking conference room participants. This time, we would like to build on this topic and mention an additional way in which you can add on to these systems.

You can consider using the latest AI Transcription and Translation device, KS-CC1. Its purpose is to add closed captions and translate the speech into two additional languages simultaneously. The connected audio and video source can be recorded and streamed at the same time too. The stream produced by KS-CC1 will contain either the closed captions of the speaker or their translated speech into one of the selected languages - this can be determined on the management page of the station. Furthermore, KS-CC1 can provide a QR code for viewers with mobile devices to scan. Once they scan it, a page will open where they will be able to see and follow the meeting with the text in their language of choice. Lastly, after the recording session is over, it is possible to edit the .srt files for the captioned and translated languages, thus eliminating inaccuracies. Users can upload the final version of the video with embedded subtitles for viewer convenience.

For these reasons, KS-CC1 Closed Captions Station is a perfect add-on to installations with DS-4CU. The latter can provide up to 4 video sources for recording and streaming on KS-CC1, and the microphone congress system used with the DS-4CU will provide audio input to the station. Active speakers tracked by the DS-4CU will be captioned and translated. Thus, with just two devices, you can achieve recording, streaming, tracking, captioning and translation of meetings, debates, and other sorts of events where DS-4CU and KS-CC1 can be used.

Would you like to know more about how else AREC installations can be upgraded? Reach out to us at and we will be happy to talk to you about that.



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