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Case Study: Telemedicine, Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, and AREC

Dear ADENA Partners, in this case study, developed together with our partner in Russia, ASCOM, we are writing about recording, streaming, and telemedicine in the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, and how AREC was instrumental in taking it to the next level. 

To accomplish its various tasks, the Ministry is divided into specialized organizations such as National Medical Research Centres. They are responsible for improving health standards, providing medical advice, and performing the most complex surgical interventions. To do that effectively, they require top of the line solutions. While they are fully equipped to deal with surgical matters, for a long time, Cardiology, Preventive Medicine, and Otorhinolaryngology centres did not have professional equipment for tasks involving spreading medical advice and telemedicine. The process of setting up, recording, exporting, editing and post-editing was simply too time consuming for the constantly busy healthcare experts, and so streams could only be done rarely. This was especially problematic for their telemedicine efforts due to the technical limitations of only using cameras to record everything. The Ministry of Healthcare recognized these centers’ problems and started looking for a solution - finding it in AREC.

Using AREC systems, particularly Media Stations KL-3WLS-300, and Auto Tracking Cameras CI-T21H, allowed the centers to achieve the following tasks:

  • Outfit surgical rooms with capturing, recording and streaming equipment that can mix diverse room equipment into a single video for educational and telemedical purposes. Track surgeons’ actions, live switch medical equipment during streams for the audience to see the readings, organize live chat between the doctors and stream spectators, backup recordings to internal FTP servers, and provide options for automatic and manual remote control.

  • Equip conference rooms with equipment to help the centers create engaging and informative content. Capture both the audience and the speakers simultaneously from different angles and output a custom mixed video to social networks. 

With AREC Media Capture Systems in place, National Medical Research Centers are now able to perform their duties on a whole new level of efficiency, leaving professionals more time to take care of their patients. If you would like to know more about how AREC products can help in your projects, contact us at and we will gladly arrange a demonstration for you.



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