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Case Study: Presentation at your Convenience - AREC Recording Partner Conference in Kazakhstan

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we would like to highlight the use of AREC systems for live event production. Our partner in Kazakhstan, STEPLine, used different elements of AREC Media Capture System to capture audio, video, and record presentations during their annual partner conference. Read more about the technology from our side and the event below.

STEPLine is a professional AV distributor that represents a variety of brands in Kazakhstan, including AREC, Optoma, Audac, Kramer, and others. To highlight the many technologies that their company can deliver, STEPLine hosts annual conferences where integrators, resellers, and other customers of the company can experience these technologies firsthand. For those who were not able to attend in person, STEPLine offers an opportunity to watch every brand presentation through recordings. These recordings are made using AREC systems and rely on a combination of a KL-series Media Station, CI-21H PTZ Network Camera and RADA Duo Wireless Microphones.

AREC KL-series Media Stations are 3 channel recording and streaming devices with automatic backup, defined by their built-in confidence displays and a variety of control options. These characteristics and their portability make them perfect for live event production, as operators and presenters can easily see what they are recording and streaming, as well as adjust that content on the go. The units do not require computers, as they are self-sufficient for all media tasks. The stations support many different video sources, including standard computers, laptops, visualisers, and HDMI and network cameras.

During the conference, STEPLine used an AREC CI-21H PTZ Network Camera to show the presenter on stage. This camera delivers a clear Full HD image and comes with a tally light that turns on when the connected AREC station is recording, letting the presenter know when to start. To capture the presenter's voice, STEPLine relied on RADA Duo Wireless microphones. One set comes with two microphone transmitters and one receiver, letting two speakers present simultaneously. Using UHF to transmit audio signals, these microphones maintain professional audio quality as you can see in the following video.

Are you also looking for portable systems to record, stream, and produce your events? Contact us at and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration for your team.



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