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Case Study: Kazakh National University expands with AREC

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we are sharing a case study from the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. This university is already an experienced user of AREC systems, and now, thanks to the assistance of our partner STEPLine and system integrator Alceza, it added AREC Lecture Capture and Auto-Tracking to the law department auditorium to record and stream classes.

The university, also known as KazNU, first learned about AREC in 2018 when it was looking for innovative learning solutions that could help it increase its standards of teaching and simplify its media work. Since then, it has purchased and used various elements of the AREC Media Capture System, including KL-3W, LS-2, and LS-200 Media Stations, DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Stations, and AREC MSR platform. AREC systems proved to be reliable and user-friendly, replacing previous software-based solutions with ease. Taking this positive experience and the advice of our partner STEPLine, KazNU chose to install more AREC systems in its other faculties and auditoriums, starting with one of the law department auditoriums.

For this expansion, the university purchased a KL-3WT Media Station and a CI-T21H IR Auto-Tracking Camera. The inbuilt screen of the 3-channel KL-3WT model makes it so that the lecturers are always aware of what is being recorded and streamed. The graphical user interface on the screen also helps the lecturers quickly adjust which video sources are used, start and stop recording and streaming, and export recorded videos on a flash drive among other functions. The station takes the video output from a smart lectern and a CI-T21H camera mounted on a wall bracket. Its third channel is kept open in case a document camera or a second computer is required. The combined videos produced by the station are streamed to the university’s YouTube channel where they are available via private links.

As for the CI-T21H, it makes sure that the lecturers are always in view of the camera and allows them to focus on the class at hand. Moreover, the camera stays on the lecturers even if students enter the field of view since it is looking only for the AM-600 positioner - a particularly important feature when it comes to tracking in lecture halls.

The new installation in KazNU improves the experience for both lecturers and students.

Would you like to know how your university can use AREC? Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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