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Case Study: Hybrid Office with AREC in Ukraine

Dear ADENA Partners, our case study this month looks at the new conference hall of Suzirya - a pet supplies and products distributor in Ukraine. Developed by our official distributor in Ukraine, UTTC, and system integrator AVexpert, this case demonstrates how AREC can elevate conference recording and streaming to the next level.

With companies switching to a hybrid office model of working, Suzirya in Ukraine is not an exception. It is clear “why” - this kind of office arrangement provides numerous advantages, such as proper social distance, flexibility, and saving of costs. Nonetheless, “how” is not always clear - and in a significant number of cases, lack of that knowledge can result in communication and other problems when implementing the hybrid office model. Professional AV equipment for conference rooms solves or minimises the impact of such problems, and Suzirya’s team wanted to make sure that their conferences were done in top quality only. Thanks to the work of AVexpert, they settled on a combination of AREC and Poly to get the best system for conferencing.

AREC LS-200 Media Station was selected as the centerpiece of this system. It is a two channel station which can mix, record, and stream HDMI, VGA, audio, and network sources in Full HD quality. To initiate video calls, Poly video conferencing system was connected as a source on LS-200. Using the loop through feature of LS-200, ongoing conference calls on Poly are sent to the video wall, making sure that the local audience can focus on remote participants without distractions. Additionally, two cameras were installed in the room - a standard PTZ camera to capture the audience and AREC CI-T21H camera to track the speaker. To effectively use all sources in the room, we developed an API solution that allows the user to switch between currently used network cameras, bringing in even more sources that would be possible normally. Lastly, to provide even more options for conferencing, RADA Bridge was added to convert HDMI output of LS-200 and turn it into USB signal for use in applications like Teams, Skype, Zoom, and others.

With the installation complete, Suzirya now has a truly advanced conference room. They can simultaneously record, stream, and participate in video conferences, both hardware and software based. The room is further complemented by accurate tracking of the lead speaker and capturing of their audience in Full HD. Would you like to elevate your conference room experience as well? Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss how our products can assist you.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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