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Case Study: Heds FR

ADENA and Ceconet (Official AREC Distributor in Switzerland) would like to share the first case study of 2020 - La Haute école de santé Fribourg (Heds FR). In this prestigious Swiss school, aspiring students receive high-class professional education and become exceptional doctors. And since only the best is accepted in Switzerland, it is natural that the school went for AREC solution to make their education even more effective.

One of the biggest problems that new doctors are experiencing is just how different textbook material and actual clinical cases are. When the price of a mistake is a person’s life, there is no room for doubt. As a result, universities and hospitals worldwide adopt various tactics to make sure that mistakes are prevented, and one of the most effective tactics is recording. Videos can be archived for review on-demand and live-streamed to a class of students. The use of recording makes sure that doctors come to their work already having watched hours and hours of real operations and knowing how to proceed in arising situations.

Heds FR decided to try recording to improve their students’ performance, and it brought immediate results. A combination of KL-3W, two Network Cameras CI-218, Auto-Tracking Network Camera CI-T21H and a dedicated simulation room, where livestream from the station can be observed, made sure that every operation and procedure is recorded in detail and is available for review. Per the words of Mariateresa De Vito Woods, Lecturer in Heds FR: “The simulation provides students with confidence in performing medical procedures and gives them a taste of experience of working in a real situation”. AREC systems were praised not only for their features, but also for reliability and pleasant user experience. As François Magnin, Simulation Centre Manager, said: “The quality of AREC Systems has convinced us. Similarly, collaboration with Groupe E Connect and Ceconet was excellent".

Heds FR students are already benefiting from AREC recording abilities, and satisfaction rises across the board. Do you have a potential project in healthcare or education? Visit and we can help you make it happen together.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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