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AREC in Swedish high-tech education conference

In news from Scandinavia, Austman Consulting (Distributor in Sweden) attends “Yrkeshögskolan Väst”, a high-tech education solutions show where AREC systems were presented to more than 80 education organisations. Among the attendees were some of the major Swedish universities, schools, and education centres, as well as other important contacts in education sphere of Sweden. Conferences like these demonstrate the ever-increasing need in professional and easy-to-use devices for lecture capture, and AREC is ready to please.

Austman Consulting organised a booth for all participants to visit and experience AREC Media Capture System. Among the devices shown were KL-3W, a 3 channel Media Station for simultaneous recording and streaming to two platforms, and also CI-218 on TP-100 - an 18x optical zoom network camera on an Auto-Tracking Scanner for professional capture of speaker and audience alike. AREC solutions are essential to have in education, since they are easy to use and make e-learning easily accessible to all. AREC solutions can also be automated via Scheduler, so that the system works only according to your plan. It improves user experience for both lecturers and students, since they do not need to approach the solutions at all.

With the conference end, attendees have much to think about, but can now see a clear way forward with AREC Media Capture System. Do you also have a project or task, or would like to know more about how our solutions can help? Please contact us at and we will arrange a personal demonstration for you and answer all your questions.



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