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Case Study: Celebrating Christmas Live in Belgian Church with AREC

Dear ADENA Partners, we have a Christmas-themed case study for you this time, coming from the Parish Church of Our Lady of Consolation in Leuven, Belgium. Accomplished with our official distributor SANEL and integrator JORIS & CO, this case highlights the practicality and convenience of using AREC Media Capture Solution as an upgrade of existing media systems in houses of worship.

The parish, known in Dutch as O.L.V. van Troost Heverlee, previously relied on handheld camcorders to reach their online audience. Masses, prayers, and other ceremonies had to be first recorded, edited and uploaded online before parishioners could see them. That process took a considerable amount of time from start to finish, and even then, the resulting video had a shaking image and a distant, echoing sound. Already concerned about these two major inconveniences, and with upcoming Christmas events, the parish decided to look for alternative solutions that could save them time and improve recording and streaming quality and found them in AREC.

Thanks to the efforts of our partners, the Parish Church of Our Lady of Consolation was outfitted with AREC LS-200 Media Station and two AREC CI-21H PTZ Network Cameras. The parish quickly settled in with the new system that allowed them to automatically record and stream ceremonies live to multiple platforms in a layout of their choosing. Firstly, using CI-21H cameras made it easy for the parish to focus on the altar and invited speakers and to create stable, high-quality imagery. Secondly, the fact that LS-200 combines the video output of the cameras and mixes it with the microphone system itself not only improved the quality of the sound recording but also helped the parish save time.

With the AREC system in place, the Parish Church of Our Lady of Consolation is fully prepared for Christmas celebrations. Is your organization ready? Contact us at and we will help you find the right solution.



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