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Case Study: Media Capture System has shown up in Almedalen Week in Sweden

Almedalen Week – annual event in Sweden on the 27th week. It’s considered to be the most important forum in Sweden. All organizations, who attended in this Almedalen Week, not only introduced to people their ideas, thoughts, concepts; but also tried to gather as many people as possible.

Gaia LeadershipAREC end user partner, who took part in Almedalen Week, was using AREC Media Capture System to record and broadcast their sessions. Gaia Leadership said: “AREC Media Capture System by doing live broadcasting helped us to reach those partners, who were not able to physically participate in our sessions. In the meantime, AREC Media Capture System also recorded for us our event to do the archive, and even to do post editing for a marketing use later. AREC Media Capture System brought us many new ideas how to reach more potential customers.”

Austman Consulting – official AREC representative in Sweden mentioned: “Online live streaming is the trend for reaching more potential people in a very short time. AREC Media Capture System has easy-to-use design philosophy and users don’t need to have any internet or engineering knowledge base. So everyone can use AREC Media Station just like using TV at home.”

It’s the best time for you to upgrade your way of catching people’s eye sights. AREC – your best choice!

Contact us for local representative information to explore, how AREC is changing this world.

Contact in Sweden: Austman Consulting – Mats Persson



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