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Case Study: Historical Italian community centre chooses AREC to produce events

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we are sharing a case study from Italy, from the Socio-Cultural Centre of Malpensata in Bergamo. Our distributor Prase, system integrator Airone Service and programming expert Francesco Salvadeo created a versatile media capture solution based on AREC LS-110, QSC control system, Epson, Shure, Atlona, Novastar, and a few other brands. Seamlessly working together, our products deliver a user-oriented interface that will help the community centre involve more of its residents in all of their events and activities.

The Socio-Cultural Centre (abbreviated CSC) of Malpensata is the beating heart of the Malpensata neighbourhood in Bergamo. The CSC features a library, an exhibition showcasing the history of the neighbourhood, theatre, health and senior centres, and thanks to its strategic location, community gathering halls where all kinds of events take place. It was not simple for the centre to share these events on social media as they were not equipped for media work, but this changed with the recent renovation of the building. Performed in two stages, this process helped increase the seating capacity of the centre, made it energy efficient, but most importantly, prepared it to host hybrid events. Thanks to the work of our partners, the centre is now using the AREC LS-110 Media Station to ensure that every event taking place can be recorded and streamed.

LS-110 is a 2-channel Media Station that packs a lot of features in a very compact size. It can simultaneously record and stream two video sources, such as computers, document cameras, network and standard cameras, and other devices. These video sources, as well as connected audio sources, are mixed into customisable layouts that give the user the ability to effectively communicate their message. Additionally, the Media Station can add logos, advertisements, backgrounds, and other graphical elements that increase the video quality and its value.

While the LS-110 is self-sufficient and features numerous convenient control options, it also shines bright when put together with other advanced AV products. For instance, in the CSC, a Shure microphone system delivers crystal-clear audio into the LS-110, capturing audio from the presenters and other speakers. Another important connection is between the LS-110 and the QSC Q-Sys Core 8 Flex. Thanks to the partner-developed control module, all of the key LS-110 features are available in freely customised interfaces, which are different for operators and presenters. This elevates the user experience, as the users only see the functions they require, such as control of the recording and streaming process, volume, layouts, camera presets, and controls of the projector and other devices.

With the new systems from us and other brands in place, the Malpensata community centre will become an even more attractive spot to host, record, and stream events. Is your local community centre due for an update? Contact us to schedule a demonstration of just the right system for it! 

Lastly, we would like to thank Prase Media Technologies, Airone Service and Francesco Salvadeo for continuously choosing AREC as the go to solution for media capturing and streaming tasks.



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