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Case Study: AREC on festival "Practices of development" in Russia

Festival "Practices of Development 2017" has been held in Moscow County, Russian Federation from Sep. 2nd to Sep. 6th. Many famous trainers and consultants like Radislav Gandapas, Nikita Nepryakhin, Elena Sidorenko, Gleb Arkhangelyskiy, Svetlana Ivanova and others were presenting there. It was great to see these people, listen to their speeches with a cup of coffee in a relaxing, and not formal atmosphere. But if we calculate the expanses of a 5-day trip to visit the festival, it’s not going to be little.

This is one of the reasons AREC created Media Capture System. Our Russian partner, Tayle – the best on the way, also has attended this festival. Marina Belousova – sales director of Tayle, appeared in this festival as a speaker and helped to organize AREC Media Capture System as a streaming solution for this great event. AREC Media Stations (MS-550 and KS-2), two Auto-Tracking System (TP-100) and  two IP cameras (CI-218 and CI-303) we capturing, recording and streaming the festival. The organizer of Festival "Practices of Development 2017"  was very satisfied with the performance of Media Capture System. He mentioned that he believes that via live streaming done by AREC Media Capture System, more people could join this event and enjoy the speeches of the presenter, and this is exactly what they are aiming for.



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