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Great Contribution from Our Spanish Partner!

AREC was a star at SIMO Education, Spain 2016

At SIMO Education Spain, 2016, AREC Media Capture System faced Spanish market for the first time. Our official partner in Spain – AVIT Vision has done a great promotion of AREC Media Capture System. Our visitors were all amazed by AREC all-in-one standalone solution.

AREC Media Capture System is mainly designed for educational applications, but it is not the only function how it can be used. Our customers use our portfolio also for corporate trainings, meeting/presentation recording, telemedicine and many other applications. One of the main features is the capability of AREC Media Capture System to do live broadcasting while recording. It provides users with more flexibility to follow the class, training, meeting etc.

Besides professional markets, AREC doesn’t forget to create more possibilities for SOHO users, vloggers and channel owners to have a cost effective media broadcasting solution. It is called AREC Media Station KS-2 and can integrate your camera with PC (and all devices supporting VGA/HDMI video out) in order to have a “picture in picture” screen to share your events or program on your channel. Together with AREC TP-100, the real Auto-Tracking System, you will no longer be limited by having to sit only in front of your camera. Scenery and diversity of your videos will become much wider.

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