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Case Study: Prestigious Military School Celebrates 100 Years Anniversary with AREC

Dear ADENA Partners, we are excited to present a livestream showcasing a conference commemorating the centenary of Senegal's most prestigious military school. Our valued partner, LCS Technodidac, used the AREC Media Capture System to stream this event on YouTube, sharing this momentous anniversary with a broader audience.

The Military Prytanée of St. Louis is a secondary school under the Ministry of the Armed Forces of Senegal. It is defined by its very tough selection competition, with only 50 students out of 3000 yearly applicants successfully enrolling. Over its century-long history, this institution has produced numerous influential African political figures and military leaders. Notably, it counts among its alumni at least five presidents and several former and current government officials, including Serigne Mbaye Thiam, the Minister of Water and Sanitation of Senegal. At a recent conference organised by the Association of Former Troop Children (known as AET), esteemed speakers like Minister Thiam and history professor Ibrahim Thioub shared their insights. The conference took place at the Museum of Black Civilisations in Dakar, and so to ensure widespread access, it was necessary to livestream it. Supporting the conference with prime technology solutions, LCS Technodidac supplied AREC Media Capture System, bringing the event to YouTube.

The core component of this system was the AREC KL-3T Media Station, a 3-channel model. It seamlessly blended video streams from two RADA A-TC02 OnyxCam network cameras with a presentation from a computer, presenting them in various video layouts. These layouts included overlays such as the AET logo and the conference’s topic, providing a comprehensive visual experience. The KL-3T stood out for its interactive built-in display with GUI control, offering intuitive buttons for operators to easily switch between displaying speakers, presentations, combined speaker-and-presentation views, and other layout variations. What made the KL-3T ideal for this production was its comprehensive functionality. Its display mirrored the video as it appeared on YouTube, allowing operators to monitor all aspects of the production, including the network cameras, from a single location. Operators could even control the PTZ movement of the OnyxCams directly from this interface, ensuring a seamless focus on relevant speakers throughout the event.

The conference garnered significant success and received coverage in numerous news publications, both in Senegal and internationally. Are you seeking solutions to broaden your audience reach? Explore how AREC devices can be of use to you by contacting us at



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