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Case Study: Hybrid Education with AREC for Banking University in Poland

Dear ADENA Partners, our end of the year case study this time is the Polish WSB University. Together with our official distributor Kontel, integrator Tritech installed several complete sets of AREC systems for professional lecture capture, live streaming, and auto-tracking.

WSB University is one of the highest-ranked private universities of Poland - this year it ranked 3rd in the annual report of the Perspektywy Education Foundation. It has 10 campuses spread across the country and offers a variety of programs, such as law, healthcare-related disciplines, and information technologies. However, as the official name “Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa” (Higher School of Banking) implies, the university is most known for its banking and finance management courses. To further improve the quality of education provided in these disciplines, WSB decided to upgrade its hybrid education setup with AREC systems for lecture capture, streaming, and auto-tracking.

Several sets of LS-300, CI-T21H, and A-BR01 were installed for the university. The main component of these sets, LS-300, is a 3 channel Media Station that makes it easy to connect computers, IP cameras, document cameras, amplifiers and other audio and video sources for recording and streaming. One of the key advantages of AREC Media Stations are their multiple and straightforward control options, such as the Online Director web interface, numeric keypads, and the graphical user interface, all of which are used by the university. Another advantage is how well suited the station is for hybrid education - its two video outputs are used to loop PC content for students attending in person via the VGA port and send complete mixed video with camera feed via the HDMI port to A-BR01 for MS Teams, where the Media Station appears as a USB webcam and microphone for remote students. In terms of image, CI-T21H Auto Tracking camera makes sure that the university’s lecturers are able to carry out their work without worrying about the camera’s image, focus, and PTZ. All of these parameters are adjusted automatically thanks to the AM-600 IR positioner, and all the users need to do to make it work is to turn it on.

With AREC systems in place, the university has elevated its hybrid education to a new high. Is your university in need of an easy-to-use and complete solution? Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss how AREC can help in your case.



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