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Case Study: CEDES Centers, Guanajuato (Mexico)

Secretaría de Educación de Guanajuato, governmental organisation for education in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, was long searching for a way to overcome their main issue. Professors want and need to attend qualification improvement classes, yet large distances between CEDES (locations where such classes are held) and schools mean that attending in person is impossible. As a result, only personnel with spare time can come, and that drastically impacts on the effectiveness of this government initiative.

To solve this problem, Didaktron proposed AREC Media Capture System solution. By installing sets of KL-3W Media Stations and CI-T21H Auto-Tracking cameras, CEDES classes have been transformed into 21st-century centers of cutting-edge innovation and education. KL-3W Media Stations are used to combine, record, and stream different visual sources, including CI-T21H, which in itself provides invaluable features of auto-tracking and auto-zoom. The latter feature is particularly remarkable, as it means that cameras adjust to speaker position on their own - zooming in when the speaker approaches, and zooming out when he or she is moving away.

Simplicity and ease of handling of this solution made sure that CEDES centers do not need to spend time on learning the devices - once “Record” button is pushed, the system does everything itself.

From now on, professors in Guanajuato improve their qualification without leaving their desk. They can tune in to the streams, or watch recordings after the training sessions are over. Without the need for constant trips, professors can now spend more time with their families.



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