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Case Study: Catholic University of Lima, Peru

ADENA in partnership with AVsys (distributor in Peru) would like to announce the recent installation of AREC Media Capture System in the Catholic University of Lima. An effective set of KS-710, CI-T21H Auto-Tracking Camera and CI-303 Wide Lens Camera make sure that recording and streaming classes is a comfortable experience for professors and students alike.

Peru is a country with diverse cuisine, and that is reflected in gastronomy classes provided in the Catholic University of Lima. Professors pass their knowledge with computer slides and use supplementary material from DVDs to teach students about the tricks of making a perfect Ceviche and other unique dishes.

However, when the university realized their need to record and stream these classes, they encountered major issues. DVD player could not be connected to a computer, cameras were not mixed in the video, and sound had to come separately. Thus the university started its search for a system capable of such task - and it found AREC. KS-710, a 4 channel Media Station, allowed the university to record professor’s computer, DVD player, and both cameras for the professor and students. At the same time, these video inputs are mixed and streamed for the University’s benefit and in the layouts that are ideal for such classes. An important benefit of CI-T21H, in this case, is Auto-Tracking - professors have free movement in the kitchen, can turn around and show their culinary skills at all times. Auto-Zoom, another feature of CI-T21H, also assures that professors can move away from the camera and keep their image in close up. Lastly, CI-303 captures the whole audience in its wide lens view.

With AREC in place, Catholic University of Lima greatly improved the experience for students and professors. Would you like to know more about how AREC can help in your case? Contact us at and we will happily arrange a presentation for you.



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