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AREC Case Study: Medical Conference

Sometimes, there are situations, for which you will need to rent the necessary equipment in order to record and broadcast an event. AREC Media Capture System can become your best ally in addressing this daunting task.

In October 2016, KGBUZ “Krasnoyarsk Inter-District Hospital №4”, which specializes in gynecology, urology, surgery, and is one of the leading medical institutions of reproductive health in the Krasnoyarsk region, celebrated its 30th anniversary.

On this occasion, the hospital held a medical conference "30 Years of Health Protection". Besides the planned seminars, the hospital staff appreciated hospital-wide vacation period. The auditorium, where the event took place, could not accommodate everybody. It then became necessary to broadcast the seminar to other rooms for those employees, who couldn't fit.

Head of IT department of KGBUZ KIDH№4, Rostislav Udaltsov and company Tayle had already known each other from an exhibition-forum «itCOM 2015". The existing close relationship played a key role in solving the broadcasting issue. No doubt, there was going to be an interesting and, most importantly, appropriate solution offered.

The choice fell on the AREC Media Station KS-710 which supports high quality recording and streaming, both in Full HD resolution. It also has the ability to store recorded videos and access them remotely. Its “Online Director” function helps to create a video that do not require any post-recording editing, furthermore you can also integrate it with an audio system that is already installed in the room where the event takes place. All these advantages allow categorizing AREC as an "all-in-one" solution. During this event a third-party equipment was also used in connection with the AREC Media Station, thanks to the fact that it is fully compatible. The equipment was installed in the auditorium of the hospital to broadcast lectures, presented by invited specialists, directly on YouTube channel of KGBUZ KIDH№4, where everyone could stream the video live.

When setting up the equipment, the organizers of the event may have not immediately been able to understand all details how to record and broadcast on the internet, but it changed within a few minutes since all AREC Media Stations have an intuitive user interface and are very easy to use. As a result, the equipment worked flawlessly, and its efficiency topped all expectations.

"All present guests at the conference were amazed how elegantly the problem of lack of space in the auditorium was solved. As a result, broadcasting was carried out in three different locations in the hospital giving all interested people the opportunity to attend this amazing event: on TVs located in the main entrance lobby, on the projection screen in the small conference hall and at places where our colleagues in clinical-diagnostic department were still working hard to take care of our patients." - said Rostislav Udaltsov.

Thanks to AREC equipment, each of our friendly employees in KGBUZ KIDH№4 had the opportunity to be a part of the celebration and to pay tribute to their beloved hospital. As you can see, there is always a solution for any task, even if the task is tough. AREC Media Capture System is always ready to share your important events.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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