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Case Study: Digital Construction Software Company in Denmark uses AREC to reach its customers

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we would like to share a case study from Denmark accomplished with our distributor UNIT.DK and integrator AVCENTER. Ajour Systems A/S, a market-leading supplier of IT solutions for the facilitation of construction, design, and tender management, upgraded their streaming studio with an AREC LS-200 Media Station.

Managing construction is far from easy. It can take years to progress through all of the process stages and many details can get lost in the meantime. Recognizing this problem, Ajour Systems developed advanced digital solutions that can help minimize the difficulties that organizations face in construction processes. To make sure that these solutions are known and deployed worldwide, the company decided to upscale their marketing production by getting reliable and simple-to-use hardware for streaming. With the advice of our distributor UNIT, they chose AREC LS-200 Media Station.

LS-200 is a 2-channel recording and streaming device that combines the functions of AV switcher, mixer, decoder, and encoder. It is capable of streaming to 2 platforms simultaneously and provides users a variety of controls over their video production. For example, users can use custom backgrounds and overlays, and also save them as theme presets. All of these functions can be called from an interactive GUI and other control options, such as RS-232/TCP control panels, computer software, mobile device interface, and more. To start recording and streaming, the user only needs to press one button via any of the control methods available to them, or simply schedule the event and let the Media Station do it for them when the time comes.

Ajour Systems uses these functions to great effect on its YouTube channel. The company already streamed a series of webinars dedicated to their products in multiple languages with the station (click here to watch them). Increased public reach from streaming to a common CDN platform will certainly inform more companies about the benefits of this company’s software.

Do you know a company that could also use a Media Station in their work? Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss it with you!



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