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Case Study: A “Well Done” Unilever Cooking Show with AREC

Dear ADENA Partners, in this case, study done together with the official AREC distributor in Romania, GBC, we are looking at how AREC was instrumental in creating a perfect streaming solution for Unilever in Romania

Unilever, one of the world’s biggest and most well-known producers of consumer goods, is present in more than 190 countries around the globe. Naturally, with such wide coverage comes a need of having a solid, unified communication. However, Unilever, like many other companies, also realizes that this communication must include recording and streaming functions for better results. Particularly for Unilever, this is because of their significant branches, such as their Romanian headquarters, stream cooking shows using ingredients from the company’s many brands on their private media platform. Not satisfied with the difficulty and copious amount of time wasted on streaming with software and cameras, Unilever searched for dedicated and suitable solutions that could help the company make streaming accessible. They found and selected the one from GBC - AREC.

To make a high quality cooking show, Unilever needed the streaming device to support multiple PTZ network cameras and a Sennheiser microphone system as inputs at the same time. AREC LS-400 was selected as an ideal option - a four channel Media Station that is capable of recording and streaming a mixed video of up to 4 sources internally and externally up to 2 platforms at the same time. LS-400 automates the process of combining video and audio inputs, and thus makes it extremely easy to deliver content without delays to various media platforms. It is also very user-friendly - recording and streaming is activated with a single button press, and the produced image can be switched on the go using presets, even from a regular smartphone. Another important advantage of LS-400 is its flexibility - it can be freely used with devices of other manufacturers and integrates well into any environment, such as Wowza Streaming Platform.

Fully assembled streaming studio helped Unilever make communications efficient and streaming simple. If you would like to know more about different applications of AREC systems, please visit our website at, and we will be happy to present them to you. And if recording and streaming of cooking is your passion, then the Lima Catholic University case study will surely interest you!

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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