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Case Study: Electrolux Inspiration Evenings with AREC

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we would like to share a case study from our Danish distributor, UNIT. Together with the system integrator AV-Center, they have created a complete and mobile solution for recording and live streaming based on AREC for Electrolux.

Electrolux is a multinational and well-known brand of home appliances. They have numerous showrooms all over the world where they commonly invite retailers and regular customers to examine the appliances on the spot. In one of their Danish showrooms in Fredericia, those who purchased such products are invited to attend inspiration evenings, where they are given suggestions on how to best use a particular appliance in a kitchen setting. However, the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions required drastic changes to the way these evenings are held, and so Electrolux started looking for an easy-to-use and portable live streaming solution.

The appliance giant realized that AREC devices fit their requirements perfectly and chose a Network Camera and a Media Station for the showroom. CI-21H Network Camera is used to capture the speaker and invited chef’s interactions. This video feed is sent to a KL-3WT Media Station which applies elements like overlay and background, mixes it with other audio and video sources at the same time, and streams it to RTMP platforms. The station is made to be easy to use, and so all essential controls are available through the inbuilt touch screen - for example, users can start or stop recording, change how the video sources are shown, control sound, export videos, and even control the camera’s PTZ. Every device, including the wireless Sennheiser microphones, is installed in a portable rack and can be moved by the presenters at will. Per the words of Electrolux’s Thomas Brinch-Møller: “Now it is only the imagination that sets the limits for our further development of events, product training, and launches.”

AREC solution lets Electrolux continue providing top-notch service to their customers despite limitations imposed by social distancing and also opens new opportunities for the future on how to reach a whole new audience worldwide. Are you interested in building a similar solution? Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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