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Case Study: Top Hydrogen Organisation Chose AREC for Video Recording

Dear ADENA Partners, we have a new corporate case study for you from the official distributor in the Benelux region, SANEL. Hydrogen Europe chose AREC Media Capture System to produce educational and informative media content. Read about the organization and their experience with our products below.

Hydrogen Europe is one of the leading organizations promoting the global shift to a circular carbon-neutral economy. Spread in 20 EU regions, it counts more than 350 companies and 30 national associations as its members. To bring about the future with sustainable green energy, Hydrogen Europe successfully created different kinds of materials, including reports and studies, and now it seeks to spread the message through videos as well. Thus, the organization started looking for straightforward technology that its employees could use to produce content at a moment’s notice. With the assistance of our partner SANEL and integrator Axians, Hydrogen Europe went with the AREC Media Capture System.

To record and mix a computer with a PTZ camera, Hydrogen Europe got AREC KL-3 - a 3-channel Media Station with an inbuilt LCD screen. All basic controls, such as recording and streaming, switching of layouts, and front and back graphics are conveniently placed on the front of the device, making it simple for the operator to both see and control the media creation process. One of the reasons why Hydrogen Europe chose KL-3 is its ability to record both mixed and individual video sources as separate videos simultaneously. It is important since recordings take place in a specially designed room with a Sony display and a green screen, so additional effects are added to the produced videos. The station is used together with an AVer PTZ camera that captures the image of Hydrogen Europe presenters and a 4 lavalier microphone system for audio. With just these products, the organization now has a mobile solution that is versatile and easy to use at the same time.

Is your organization looking to build or improve video creation tools? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements at your convenience.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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