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Case Study: BMW Showroom

ADENA and UNIT.DK are proudly presenting a new case study from Denmark - BMW Showroom of Jan Nygaard ​​AS.

There are many shining car brands, and to stand out, companies need to do more than just produce great vehicles. Public image and CSR are extremely important and essential in remaining competitive on the market. One of the ways in which companies can increase their customer engagement is through recording and streaming their events live. This is exactly what BMW and Jan Nygaard, prime dealer of BMW in Denmark, organised in Lyngby. 

Representatives from various companies and organisations, such as PwC, Danish ICT, and others gathered together to discuss sustainable business practices. Presenters had a lot of material and a big audience to address it to. To help deliver their points across, UNIT.DK proposed to use AREC Media Capture System composed of KL-3W Media Station and CI-T21H Auto-Tracking Cameras. The station allows multiple cameras to be working at the same time, recording and streaming mixed videos with dynamically changing layouts. Meanwhile, AREC Auto-Tracking does not require configuration, and works out of the box just by turning on the positioner.  Another advantage of using AREC in such situations is that both the speaker and their content can be in focus, as they are captured separately and then mixed into a single video. All watchers of this presentation will surely appreciate this, as there is a lot of data and graphs on the slides that would not be seen clearly if recorded with only a camera. This feature allows presentations to remain sharp throughout, keeping the audience enchanted.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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