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Tutorial Videos Now Available at ADENA Youtube Channel

AREC Media Capture System is one of the greatest standalone solutions for you to have your event recorded and broadcasted simultaneously. No more headache to search for capture cards, recorders, video converters, etc. We believe this media recording and broadcasting solution should be designed as easier as possible, because people use this solution during important moments, such as:

  1. Education: eLearning, distance learning, etc.;

  2. Corporation: having a presentation with colleagues in other offices, new product launching/introduction to your partners, etc.;

  3. Medical: telemedicine, emergency surgery from remote site, etc.

  4. Others: public event live sharing (you can find case study in our News ) and so on.

We consider that user should pay full attention to their event. Recording or broadcasting shouldn’t become a burden to them. This is our design philosophy. Youtube Channel Here

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