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Track speakers with handheld microphones - AM-360

Dear ADENA Partners, we are excited to show you our latest addition to the product range - AM-360 positioner for handheld microphones. Whether you need to track the presenter or a speaker from the audience, AM-360 is the right choice as it can be used together with any standard 40mm stick microphone. The device is very simple to operate - just press the button to toggle tracking and let the camera do the rest.

Moreover, it works with AREC’s Individual Target Tracking Technology, letting you track two different targets simultaneously with CI-T21H Auto-Tracking Cameras. You can have both tracking targets holding microphones with AM-360 positioners or combine them with traditional AM-600 necklace positioners for multiple target tracking scenarios.

AM-360 is already available - please contact us at to get more information or arrange an online demonstration of the tracking technology!



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