Case Study: Track, Record, and Stream your speakers - Siguldas State Gymnasium

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we would like to share a case study about another Erasmus+ project, this time from Siguldas State Gymnasium in Latvia, completed with Sensuslab (AREC Distributor in Latvia). Continue reading to find out how AREC solutions for speaker tracking, recording, streaming, and conferencing were instrumental in this educational project.

Siguldas State Gymnasium is one of the best and most prestigious schools in Latvia and the wider region, well-known for its brilliant graduates. It sets an example for all other schools by constantly developing new teaching methodologies for mathematics, languages, natural and social sciences. Gymnasium is able to accomplish this due to a number of factors, such as top of the line teaching staff, but also by utilising cutting edge AV technology to record and stream their activities. For these tasks, they rely on AREC.