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RADA Duo, Wireless Microphone System

Welcome the latest addition to RADA product range - RADA Duo. It is a wireless microphone system based on UHF radio frequencies with two transmitters and one receiver supporting up to 20 channels. Transmitters can be used like standard handheld microphones or have lapel mics connected to them. Both transmitters and the receiver feature clip design that allows you to wear the devices on shirts and belts. Duo transmitters have buttons for users to easily control parameters such as volume, channel, LCF mode, and so on.

Duo is primarily designed for Media Stations and comes with cables for connection via 3.5mm Line jack, USB-C, and USB-A. However, Duo is a flexible, plug-and-play system, so it can be used with computers, phones, tablets, videoconferencing hardware, cameras, and other devices just as well.

RADA Duo is already available. You can download technical information about this product from our website and arrange a demonstration by contacting us directly at



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