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Case Study: Opera House in Gothenburg, Sweden Uses AREC Media Capture System

The opera house in Gothenburg, Sweden used to hand out DVDs of the rehearsals to its employees – after having to compress the file. Now, thanks to AREC Media Station, the rehearsals are available on any platform after just a couple of minutes.

"This is exactly what we wanted. It is really easy to use and the stage managers thinks it is really nice", says Per-Eric Dahlberg at the Gothenburg Opera.

It used to take too much time to compress the files and get it out on a DVD. We are saving so much time. Many more actors can now access the material and it goes a lot faster to make the recordings available. The quality is also a lot better than what we used to have with the DVDs, says Dahlberg. With AREC Media Station there is no need for any editing. The recording is saved directly, with the desired settings – and automatically sent to a locally hosted FTP server. It is much easier now. We avoid the time-consuming work of editing and then burn and copy on DVDs after each recording. The performers can now go home earlier than before and they can access the material from their phones.



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