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Meet with AREC in April

AREC is going to show up in April in Finland and Poland, check out for more information: Finland: Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) Conference 2018. ITK is the largest digital education and learning event in Finland. This year, AV Marketing Finland – AREC official distributor in Finland, will be attending at ITK. AV Marketing Finland is going to showcase the mobile solution – Portable Media Set KL-3W. Let’s have a quick memory recall regarding KL-3W features:

  1. Supports wifi camera via RTMP;

  2. Embedded 7” screen for an easier system setup and control;

  3. Supports dual streaming to different platform to reach more attendees for your event;

  4. Supports video layout, background and overlay customization;

  5. Opencast scheduling recording supported.

For more information, please visit AV Marketing Finland at ITK, or you can contact: Reijo Lehtinen, Timo Salminen. Poland: Kontel – the distributor of modern telecommunication systems in Poland, is going to have an event on April 11th. AREC will be introduced to all attendees during the event. KS-2, the most cost-effective Media Station in the market:

  1. Intuitive UI;

  2. FREE 32GB external storage included;

  3. No PC or S/W installation is necessary;

  4. Full HD 1080P @ 30fps

  5. Simultaneous recording and broadcasting via different encoding profiles.

More features are waiting for you to find out. For more information, please contact: Andrzej Wisniewski We are very excited to meet you at the events. For general information regarding AREC in Europe/Africa/Russian speaking countries, please contact: Yakov Fu



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