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Case Study: Hybrid education with AREC - case from Kazakhstani Academy

Dear ADENA Partners, we are excited to share with you a case study from the education sector. Our partner STEPLine successfully renovated classrooms of Kunaev Academy and equipped them with AREC Lecture Capture and Auto-Tracking PTZ cameras. The academy is now able to record lectures for students to recap and stream to a local server for the purposes of hybrid education.

Kunaev Eurasian Law Academy was established soon after the declaration of independence of Kazakhstan and rapidly came to the forefront of jurisprudence and legal education. While it started out as a law institute, in recent years the academy also focused on business education, offering courses to future economists, accountants, managers and entrepreneurs. To make sure that the business education provided by Kunaev Academy is just as valued as that of its other departments, the academy decided to build the most modern AV environment for education. To this end our partner STEPLine designed a solution that involves interactive displays, audio systems, video matrixes, as well as AREC Media Stations and Auto-Tracking Cameras.

To mix, record, and stream computer content and two cameras, Kunaev Academy uses AREC LS-300 Media Station - a rack-mounted model capable of recording 3 Full HD sources simultaneously. Lecturers use an LG Touch Display to make notes and display slides which are then recorded by the LS-300 and mixed together with the IR auto-tracking camera CI-T25H and static wide-angle network camera CI-303. The tracking camera follows the lecturer’s movements and adjusts zoom automatically to get the perfect shot, whereas the static camera CI-303 shows students attending in person. The computer image is duplicated on a display in the middle of the room, making sure that all students can see slides clearly, whereas another display shows the image from the tracking camera. An LD wireless microphone system is used to record the teacher's voice and additional microphones are passed to students asking questions. Lastly, an AUDAC system makes sure that all audio in the room is loud and clear regardless of where any student sits.

While they are only starting to use the equipment, Kunaev Academy already found AREC’s solutions to be very easy to use - all the teacher needs to do when starting a class is to press a button to record and stream the session to their private server. It now joins our long list of higher education institutions solving their lecture capture and hybrid education needs with AREC.

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