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ADENA Hack: How to configure IR tracking cameras to show targets fully in maxed-out zoom levels

We’ve covered most of the IR Auto-Tracking Camera configurations in the previous ADENA Hacks - specifically №11, №41, and №42, but there is one feature that we haven’t mentioned yet - X/Y tracking offset.

In certain installations, you may need to position the camera far away from your tracking target. You can then either configure auto-zoom to show your tracking target, or set a manual zoom level to adjust for this distance. In either case, zooming in may “cut” the top of your tracking target’s head, or center the image on the positioner instead of the face. AREC Tracking Config Tool can be used to adjust your tracking offset for these situations, helping you focus the camera on what matters. If your camera is installed upright, and the head is “cut”, increase the Y-axis offset (set positive number).

Press apply, close the app, disconnect the tracking config cable, start tracking, and select the optimal level for your distance and zoom. If the camera is installed upside-down, decrease the Y-axis instead (set a negative number) and follow the same steps. Similarly, if your tracking target wears the positioner to their side (e.g. in a shirt pocket), adjust the X-axis accordingly. Please note that these tracking offset settings are visible only on significant zoom levels (e.g. 8x-10x magnification). We recommend zooming out instead if this level of magnification is too much for your installation.

If you would like to know more about AREC IR Auto-Tracking solutions, or about any other solutions we offer, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.



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