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Case Study: How AREC engaged in education for Erasmus+ project

Dear ADENA partners, this time let’s look at Erasmus+ PRINTel project and how together with Firm Alpha, universities have prepared themselves for online education with AREC.

Before in-depth description, a few words about what Erasmus+ is. It is an EU wide program that also operates in adjacent countries, and that sponsors projects and other efforts to improve education standards. One of these projects is PRINTel. The main objective of this project is to improve the quality and level of education through the use of innovative products in 9 Higher Education Institutions of Georgia, Belarus, and Armenia. These products include lecture capture stations, auto-tracking cameras, interactive touchscreens, and document cameras. For lecture capture, PRINTel needed a solution that was easy to use, flexible, and capable of recording and streaming lectures for students to see and review. For auto-tracking, it was required for the solution to be smooth, precise, and to work with minimal input from the lecturers. In both cases, AREC proved to be the ideal system. 

A combination of LS-200 Media Station and CI-T21H Auto-Tracking camera was selected for every participating university. LS-200 is capable of creating a mixed video of two video sources (e.g. document cameras, computers, network cameras) and simultaneously stream it up to two platforms. The sources can also be recorded independently, making them available for post-editing. At the same time, front and back auto-tracking with automatic zoom provided by CI-T21H means that lecturers are always in the camera’s sight and are free to move as they desire. Very importantly, having AREC in place helped these universities continue their teaching largely undisturbed despite quarantine restrictions. Students can watch their lectures from the comfort and safety of their homes in Full HD, and because of numerous customizable layouts of video sources, students are able to focus on what is most important - be it lecture slides, document camera image, lecturer, or all of it at the same time.

Timely introduction of AREC systems to these universities has definitely upped the level of provided teaching and will help forge a new generation of professionals in these countries.

If you would like to know more about how AREC products can help your institution or company to continue and excel in an online environment, contact us on and we will gladly assist you.



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