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Case Study: NSI easily records and publishes digital content with AREC and Opencast

Dear ADENA partners, we are excited to share a case study from our German distributor DIMESO and their client, The Lower Saxony Study Institute for Municipal Administration (NSI) in Hannover. The institute is using AREC KL-3WT Media Station and CI-T21H auto-tracking camera to record pedagogical content.

With the NSI expanding their digitization efforts and the need to produce high-quality educational content, a professional solution was required that provided a good integration with their existing Opencast platform, an open source, flexible, reliable and free solution for management and distribution of video content at scale. To fulfill this request, DIMESO recommended AREC’s Media Station which has proven to be very popular. Within a few months, more than 100 films have been produced and automatically uploaded to Opencast without any problems.

Florian Lausen, Project Manager for Process and Organisation Development at NSI commented, that “the provided test equipment convinced us in the end by its easy handling and the possibility for lecturers without profound technical knowledge to record their teachings.” Mr. Lausen particularly highlighted the smooth service provided by DIMESO and ADENA even before getting the equipment, with continuous application and technical support, working together from the initial set up all the way to firmware upgrades that expand features and open up new production possibilities for the Institute.

The NSI represents a great example of integration between AREC and Opencast, and how our products can be used in education to make effective digital content. If you would like to learn more about which other platforms AREC is integrated with and how it can be used in your organisation, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.



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