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Case Study: Italian hospital chooses AREC to boost its conferencing experience

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we have a healthcare case study from Italy. Thanks to the efforts of our distributor Prase Media Technologies and system integrator Engineering Solutions S.r.l., a private hospital started using the AREC Media Capture System for internal and external meetings and training.

This hospital is located in the capital of Italy, Rome, and is an entirely private institution. It is a leader in healthcare and technological innovation research, and offers high-level bespoke services, therapy and programmes for its patients. The hospital has multiple centres of excellence for different medical areas, including plastic and robotic surgery, endometriosis treatment, breast surgery, hand and upper limb rehabilitation, and spine and sports traumatology among others. When housing this many disciplines and experts, communication and training become paramount for success, and thus the hospital decided to create a conference and training room that would fully meet its needs.

In the picturesque rooftop conference room, our partners built a complete solution for internal and external meetings and training. AREC LS-2 Media Station is used to combine images coming from two CI-21H PTZ network cameras. The station is very useful in this scenario since it is used as a video mixer with customisable layouts, giving the staff the ability to present computer content with cameras, only cameras, use picture-in-picture, side-by-side, and other modes, and output a different layout on the second display. What’s more, AREC cameras come with inbuilt tally lights that turn on when recording is in progress, immediately notifying all attendees. The whole system is controlled via a small touchscreen control panel and gives users the ability to start recording, streaming, and to change everything about their image presentation in a matter of one click. The conference room is connected to two surgery rooms thanks to Atlona AV over IP solutions, whereas Shure, Biamp, and Renkus-Heinz products are used for audio processing and control.

With the newly designed and technologically advanced conference room, meeting and training have never been easier for the hospital. Do you have a similar project idea in mind? Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss it with you and find the right solution together.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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