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Case Study: Building a perfect mobile set for the Building Agency, Denmark

Dear ADENA Partners, we are proud to share a case study from Denmark’s Building and Property Agency. Accomplished with our Danish Distributor UNIT.DK, the case shows how portable AREC solutions can be used to conveniently record meetings in governmental institutions.

Danish Building and Property Agency is a part of the Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing, and it is responsible for the construction, facility management, and rent of government properties. Their work heavily depends on communication, as there are delicate details to discuss and schedules to confirm in every project. With quarantine restrictions limiting in-person meetings, a significant part of this work moved into digital space, where it can be easy to lose track of important information. For this reason, the agency required a reliable tool for recording meetings. And like other governmental institutions of Denmark, it was ahead of the game when it came to adopting the right solutions for remote working tasks.

Opting for the AREC Stay-in-Class Portable Set and adding a PTZ camera and advanced microphone system to it, the agency got themselves a perfect mobile recording and streaming kit. The key element of the Stay-in-Class, LS-200 Media Station, allows them to capture, mix, and record/stream up to 2 video sources simultaneously in Full HD quality. For the agency, these sources normally consist of content from a computer, such as construction plans and documents, and a PTZ camera image that focuses on the speaker. In addition to recording these sources in a layout of the presenter’s choosing, the station also allows the users to stream their presentation to two RTMP platforms at the same time, and also automatically backup recorded material to a server. Like all AREC solutions, the Media Station is designed to be user-friendly, and so it offers many ways to control, including interactive GUI, web and mobile interfaces. And when the agency needs to use video conferencing software, they can use another element of the set, RADA Bridge, to convert Media Station’s audio and video and use it as a microphone and webcam in the chosen application.

With the AREC Stay-in-Class set, the agency can make sure that all meetings are recorded in high quality and preserved, whether conducted in-person or digitally. If you would like to know more about how AREC solutions can be applied in your case, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.



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