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Case Study: AREC Hits a Homerun with WBSC

Dear ADENA Partners, our case study this time focuses on the headquarters of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). Completed in collaboration with our distributor Prase and system integrator Tecnovox, this project exemplifies the seamless integration capabilities of the AREC Media Capture System with other leading professional AV brands, including Atlona, Shure, Biamp, and Genelec.

The WBSC functions as the global governing body for baseball and softball, overseeing 191 national federations and numerous associate members across 136 countries worldwide. Responsible for managing international competitions involving national teams, eSports, Olympic Games, and similar events, effective communication with this extensive network of organizations necessitates high-quality conferencing hardware. Hence, the organization recently decided to renovate and enhance their headquarters in Pully, Switzerland. Thanks to our partners' efforts and the features of our products, AREC cameras and tracking solutions were selected to make this upgrade possible.

At the core of the WBSC conference room lies the DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station. This station, equipped with four channels, is designed to automatically track and display active speakers. It is compatible with AREC and third-party cameras, and supports RTP/RTSP/RTMP network streams, alongside HDMI and VGA as video inputs. Integrated with a number of popular discussion system brands such as Shure, Televic, Bosch, Audio-Technica, and others, this station can efficiently track up to 99 speakers. Each speaker can have unique layouts, overlays, and backgrounds made specifically for them. In the WBSC's case, it operates in conjunction with a Shure push-to-talk discussion system. When a speaker activates the talk button, the station commands the cameras to focus on the speaker's position, adjusting the video layout accordingly to ensure the speaker remains in focus.

For capturing meeting participants, AREC CI-21H PTZ cameras are utilised. These professional network cameras function in Full HD at 60 frames per second and are connected to the DS-4CU via the network. Additionally, they offer HDMI and USB outputs for flexibility. The DS-4CU creates a mixed video output, incorporating speaker titles, logos, and custom backgrounds, and through other brands participating in this installation, sends it into video conferencing applications, effectively becoming a webcam. This ensures that the remote attendees consistently see the active speaker and effortlessly promotes the organisation's branding.

The WBSC’s headquarters are now equipped with user-friendly and efficient conferencing solutions, significantly enhancing the organisation's meeting experiences. Is your company ready for an upgrade? Contact us at and discover how AREC solutions can benefit your business.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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