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AREC Portable Set for Remote Study and Work

Dear ADENA partners, with increasing number of organizations shutting down operations for quarantine, now is the best time to revisit the concept of AREC Media Capture System. We provide some of the most accessible ways for users to organize remote study and work. Specifically for the current situation, we are launching a working out-of-the-box portable set, which includes:

  • LS-200 Media Station

  • CI-333 Network Camera with Camera Tripod

  • AM-601 Wireless Microphone

  • RADA HDMI to USB Bridge

All in a secure light briefcase - this is a versatile set that can be readily used to start recording and streaming work and classes online. AREC Media Capture System can be used with video conferencing software, online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and others, as well as your VCMS platform (Kaltura, Opencast, Panopto, and others). It doesn’t require any IT background to use - just push the “record” button to start working. And all of that for the retail price of $4999 USD (price does not include any local taxes or charges)

This set is already available, and we have other sets too, with PTZ and Auto-Tracking cameras. Contact us at anytime to learn more and we will be glad to assist you.



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