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ADENA Hack: How to choose between AREC IR tracking cameras?

There are two AREC IR tracking cameras in the current product line - CI-T10 and CI-T21H. Both cameras rely on the same IR positioners AM-600 and AM-360 to follow the target, and have the same tracking range, so what makes them different from each other?

If we look specifically at their technical differences, then these are the main ones:



Maximum FPS




Network, USB 2.0

Network, HDMI, USB 3.0

Working Modes

Either Network or USB, one at a time

Network, HDMI and USB, simultaneously

These technical differences are also reflected in price - CI-T10 is more suitable for entry-level and budget installations as opposed to the more advanced CI-T21H. Nevertheless, both cameras offer spectacular image quality and depth of image configuration.

If you would like to see and evaluate them yourself, don’t hesitate to request a personal demonstration via our website here, and we will arrange it when it is convenient for you.



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