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Case Study: General Hospital in Russia

ADENA in partnership with Tayle (distributor in Russia) is proud to present a new successful project in the field of medicine. Using AREC Media Capture System, Olymp Zdorovia Hospital brought their medical services to the next level via clever use of recording and streaming.

Olymp Zdorovia is a new and multidisciplinary hospital in the city of Voronezh, Russia. It places a great emphasis on technology, and provides all kinds of medical and cosmetic operations for adults and children. Some of the ambitions of this hospital include recording and streaming surgeries for archiving and education purposes, collaboration and communication between world-leading healthcare professionals, and provision of top-notch healthcare services.

In order to accomplish all of these ambitions, Olymp Zdorovia decided to use AREC Media Capture System. After consultation with Tayle’s partner, Intellektualniye Systemi, the hospital proceeded with installation of LS-300 Media Station and CI-303 network camera. The Media Station allowed the hospital to mix audio and video outputs from various medical devices, such as laparoscope and surgery lamp, microphones, and a CI-303 network camera for Full HD one-button recording and simultaneous streaming purposes. The ability to output mixed video through HDMI and VGA also made collaboration with colleagues very efficient, since now all participants can see device readings in real time and discuss them.

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Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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