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Case Study: ARECare making telemedicine possible for NTUH Hospital

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we are sharing a healthcare case study accomplished with ARECare in Taiwan. The National Taiwan University Hospital (hereafter NTUH) requested an advanced telemedicine solution that combines features of AREC devices and industrial videoconference.

NTUH is one of the oldest hospitals in Taiwan and employs more than 6000 staff in its main location in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. It is a trusted and well-established institution with multiple branches in the city, focusing on different medical disciplines, and it is also present in other cities like Hsinchu.

Similar to other hospitals in the country, NTUH had to deal with an increased demand for medical consultations and appointments since the start of the pandemic. Realizing that traveling for appointments carried an elevated risk for the safety of patients and other people, NTUH decided to meet the increased demand by applying new advancements in telemedicine and the branch in Hsinchu was selected for trialing them.

We offered to create an ARECare solution for the hospital - a combination of software and hardware approaches that can meet the project needs by customization. Specifically for NTUH, we devised a conferencing app for phones, tablets, and computers that has a number of unique features, including the incorporation of vital security features, integration with the hospital patient database, selection of video sources, annotations, and compatibility with other existing systems of the hospital. You can see how this solution works in practice by watching the following clip.

After the successful trial, NTUH decided to adopt ARECare for the Hsinchu branch and is now looking to implement it in other branches as well. Would you like to know what other solutions can be created with ARECare? Let us know in the chat on and we will be happy to assist you.



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