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Case Study: Czech Parliament has chosen AREC for recording and live streaming their events

March 16th, 2017, ADENA Limited proudly shares this great case study with you – the Chamber of Deputies of Czech Parliament has chosen AREC Media Capture System for their event recording and live broadcasting.

The information center, which gives lessons to high school and college students on topics related to parliamentarism, the legislative process, parliamentary scrutiny of government or parliamentary history, was thinking how to make their work more efficient, since they used to have lessons or conferences only in their classroom or meeting room. Under this condition, very less students can realize how the Parliament and Government work and not many people can attend the conference or seminars, which are held by the information center of the Chamber of Deputies of Czech Parliament.

ADENA Limited official partner in Czech Republic – Disk Systems introduced AREC Media Capture System (Media Station KS-2) to the information center.  Right away they have decided to upgrade their working environment from traditional in-classroom lessons and seminars/conferences into worldwide meeting room with simultaneous live streaming and recording.

Now, with AREC KS-2, the information center of the Chamber of Deputies of Czech Parliament created the best and the fastest way of communication between government and Czech people, since everybody can watch live stream broadcasting by AREC Media Capture System.



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