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Case Study: Italo-German Chamber of Commerce relies on AREC

Dear ADENA Limited partners, this time we focus our attention on the Italo-German Chamber of Commerce (hereafter AHK) based in Lombardy, Italy. Our official distributor Prase and system integrator Technosound created a live streaming hub with video conferencing capabilities by combining AREC Media Capture System together with products from Biamp, LG, and Shure.

AHK is a governmental organisation that fosters business relationships between Italian and German companies since the beginning of the 20th century. It provides support, consulting services, and training for companies doing international business. Given the nature of such activities, AHK must have easy to use and multifunctional solutions in place. To that end, system integrator Technosound created a studio capable of both live training webinars and video conference meetings, and AREC Media Capture System became the heart of this complex.

At the centre of it, there is AREC LS-300 Media Station. The 3 channel model combines, records, and streams up to 3 Full HD video sources in a mixed and individual format and provides an intuitive touch control method. One of the sources of LS-300 is a Biamp Modena Hub, which enables wireless collaboration for presenters from their own devices. The other two video sources are AREC CI-21H PTZ Network Cameras, which enable image capture from different angles. Presenters add their voice to the mix using the Biamp Devio microphone system. Combined presentation material and audio is outputted to a room with 43” LG screen and Shure SLX-D wireless microphone system for the local audience to see and participate as well when needed. Finally, the system allows AHK to use software video conference systems like Zoom, Teams, and others to seamlessly host and join hybrid meetings.

AHK relies on the completed studio for all its AV needs and carries out cross-national events with great success. Per the words of AHK’s representative Sonny Laurano, “We are satisfied with the result achieved which combines quality and ease of use”.

Do you need to create a multifunctional studio? Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Text: Anastasia Yakimenko



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