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Case Study: Increase your Student Reach - CESA Colombia Experience

Dear ADENA Partners, this time we would like to share a case study from a prestigious Colombian College of Higher Administration Studies known as CESA. Thanks to our partner Integración AV, the college equipped several classrooms with complete sets of AREC Media Capture Systems. Learn how the college utilizes our products below.

CESA is ranked as one of the top universities in Colombia, and a very selective one at that, with just around 20 to 30% admission rate. It is a trendsetter in the higher education of the country, having many research and student exchange agreements in place with other institutions and attracting students from all over the world. The college heavily relies on AV technology to provide the best quality of education possible to its students.

However, the original AV equipment present in the college required an update for a number of reasons. Teachers had to stand in a very small area to be properly captured by the cameras, which took away from the liveliness of their classes. Remote students also struggled, since they did not have a convenient way of attending classes remotely. Thus, CESA started looking for a system that could alleviate these problems and integrate well with other audiovisual technologies present in their lecture halls. With the help of Integración AV, they found AREC Media Capture System.

CESA updated a total of 28 classes with AREC Media Stations LS-300, CI-21H Network Cameras, and RADA A-TC01 Auto-Tracking Cameras. LS-300 is a 3-channel model that takes both of these cameras as network sources and arranges them in a mixed layout with an additional computer source. Teachers find it very easy to operate LS-300 thanks to the GUI produced by this station. They can turn on recording and streaming with just one button, completely change their presentation look with themes, and they do not need to worry about making the recordings of lectures visible to students, since these are automatically backed up on the college’s server. Moreover, A-TC01 cameras allow teachers to freely move around the room and engage their students better. The camera’s tracking algorithm makes it certain that the teacher will always remain the camera’s tracking target, regardless of the students in the room. Lastly, CI-21H Network Cameras capture the audience in high quality and ensure that students watching the lecture recordings are not missing a single detail. Apart from the AREC and RADA products, Integración AV also helped CESA with projectors, ceiling speaker systems, displays, wireless content-sharing tools, and a number of other devices that are working perfectly with the Media Capture System.

With the new hardware in place, the college is now properly equipped to reach students from abroad and increase its education quality. Would you like to know more about how AREC systems can be used in your institution? Contact us at and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration for you.



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