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Case Study: Basque Country University Successful Case

AVIT VISION (Distributor in Spain) in partnership with ADENA assisted Pais Vasco University with upgrading their classrooms to the highest standard by introducing AREC Systems for Recording and Streaming. Case of Pais Vasco University highlights the effectiveness of AREC Media Capture System in Education. A clever and cost-effective combination of TP-100 with KS-2 allows the university to stream all of its lectures online and spread the knowledge worldwide.

Basque country, a region of Spain, does not have a massive population. With only 2 million people living in the province, and competitive nature of modern education, it is important for all universities to have a way of attracting young bright minds to their campuses. When Pais Vasco first set out to create online, e-learning lectures, they found out that making them with just cameras did not allow students to see slides clearly, and caused audio to sound distant. Looking for remedies to this problem, Pais Vasco turned to AREC and was not let down. KS-2 Station allowed the University to mix their cameras and content into a clearly visible Full HD layout, TP-100 allowed to automatically track the speaker, and the University to record and stream every class to their internal VOD platform and YouTube. Most importantly, AREC solution does not require any IT background to use effectively. It was easy to introduce it to the teachers, since it can essentially be operated with one button via a compact remote controller.

Now Pais Vasco University is ready to take on the astounding e-learning market. Interested to know more about how AREC solutions can solve your task or projects? Contact us at and we will gladly arrange a presentation for you!



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